Duties and Responsibilities

  1. To pioneer the creation of project culture within the university; to encourage the staff to increase the number of research and development projects in line with the strategic plan and priorities of the university,
  2. To announce the application deadlines for national, international grants and research programs and inform the researchers regularly through the web page, meetings, seminars, workshops etc.)
  3. To cooperate with such national and international institutions as TUBITAK and the EU on project preparation and management issues, to get involved and organize in joint studies; and to organize conference, congress and scientific meetings,
  4. To organize workshops on project preparation, submission and management; to guide staff with project ideas on originality, impact and feasibility issues and to offer them consultancy,
  5. To follow up the preparation, starting, implementation, reporting and completion phases of all the projects carried out by different departments within the university,
  6. To determine whether the outputs of the projects bear intellectual property rights and to support the project executives in legal issues and commercialization processes to ensure the protection of intellectual property rights,
  7. To apply for technical support tenders of national and international projects and programs and to prepare tender files,
  8. To keep a record of project applications made by the staff of the university, to offer technical support where necessary and to submit these applications to the Rector’s Office for signature,
  9. To keep a record of all the project documents including all spending documents, interim and final reports, contracts, originals and a copy of the outputs produced to be used in national and international audits,
  10. To prepare a report to the Rector’s Office regarding all offers made to the university to be a partner or coordinator in any national and international project or technical support offer,
  11. To encourage planning or implementing interdisciplinary research and the formation of such groups,
  12. To develop approaches for efficient use of infrastructure of the university in different projects,
  13. To make a preliminary evaluation of the applications from public and private institutions regarding project preparation and implementation processes and to direct these applications to the relevant departments in the university,
  14.  To encourage university-industry cooperation and to encourage academics and relevant departments to cooperate with industrial institutions and business world in case these institutions demand cooperation,
  15. To create an awareness of projects aiming at offering innovative solutions to the problems of humanity,
  16. To create a database to follow-up projects and assess and evaluate research performance,
  17. To organize seminars, panels etc. to share good practices,
  18. To inform academics on administrative procedures, regulations and amendments in financial issues, to organize periodical trainings on financial issues, to keep a record of financial statistics of projects and to offer consultancy and training on submitting these documents to relevant units,
  19. To encourage spin-off agreements and audit the implementation of these agreements,
  20. To publish annual reports regarding the project activities in the university.